Our Sewing Unit

This week we are continuing to show you the faces behind the products and are featuring the managers of our sewing unit, Jenny Laud and Sue Pickering.

Jenny, our overall Production Manager, is also in charge of a 30 plus strong team of sewing machinists, who in turn are responsible for making a huge range of products from tea towels, bags, aprons and kitchen textiles through to other items such as cushions and make-up bags. (All our products can be seen on our website at www.countrysideart.co.uk).


Jenny sits at the heart of our large sewing unit where she controls all aspects of production

There is a huge amount of organisation required as much of what we produce is very bespoke.  This includes requirements such as labelling, different coloured bindings, pipings and ties, varied colours and lengths for bag handles etc, etc.  In addition Jenny keeps a keen eye on the despatch dates to make sure we also deliver on time.

When not at work keeping all her machinists working to plan, Jenny and her husband enjoy running (they have both competed on numerous occasions in the London marathon) rambling and fell walking. As a lifelong vegetarian, Jenny is also very keenly interested in nutrition.  She has even encouraged our Sales Manager Paul (committed carnivore and bon viveur) to start drinking vegetable-based smoothies for breakfast!

Karen Sewing_Final for Blog

One of our highly experienced sewing machinists, Karen, working on a Liberty apron


As well as covering all the above, Jenny’s second in command, Sue, is also in charge of new product development. Sue is incredibly skilled at making new products from scratch.  More and more customers are coming to us asking for bespoke products.  So Sue will break the item down in to its component parts, manufacture a blank prototype for the customer to approve and then produce costings for our sales team for quoting purposes.  This bespoke service is proving very popular and is widening the scope of products we can offer to our customers enormously.


Sue busy at work on a cosmetic bag which involved creating a bespoke sized product

Sue is also incredibly active and her hobbies outside of work include cycling, walking and camping in the great outdoors.

For our next blog featuring our staff and processes we will be looking at the role of our Design Co-ordinator Kim and her colleague China.

Kind regards and best wishes

Kathy Only (No Brookes) Signature

Kathy Brookes – Sales Director

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