The Countryside Art Team

It’s always nice to know more about the people who produce your lovely products so we’d like to introduce you, week by week, to the Countryside Art team.

You may have looked at our recent blog videos showing the installation of our fantastic new Aeoon digital printing machine.

These videos were produced by our talented Sales Manager, Paul Murrell. Paul has been with us since January.  In addition to being a really tuned in and helpful Sales Manager, Paul is also a fantastic musician, playing world class clarinet and saxophone.  (His previous life was as Musical Director for the British Army).

Paul To Use 2

Paul hard at work at an unusually tidy desk!

Paul also has a lot of other talents, including being an experienced photographer and film maker.  Using Paul’s talents to the full, we are going to follow up with lots more videos showing different aspects of the company.  (There may even be some nice music thrown in too!).

We’d like to also introduce you to our two digital printers, Callum McPhail and Connor North. As a company we have always had no age restrictions when it comes to our employment policy.  Our oldest employee (one of our seamstresses) recently retired at the age of 75!  We also believe in employing young people as we find a good cross section of ages and experience leads to a balanced company. To this end Callum and Connor represent the enthusiasm and excitement that youth brings when embracing new technology.

Callum & Connor To Use 2

Callum and Connor in front of their new Aeoon digital printing machine

Callum, in addition to being a great master of the digital printing machine, enjoys playing professional poker. He also originally trained as a sound engineer so enjoys sound-mastering for local music events at weekends.  (A very clever and talented young man!).

Connor, his assistant, is one of our youngest employees. Connor shows the most amazing enthusiasm for learning everything related to printing and is incredibly quick at mastering new tasks.  Always ready with a winning smile, Connor is a real asset to our company.  When not at work Connor enjoys socialising with friends and playing sports.

We’ll follow up with further blogs introducing you to more of the Countryside Art team in the near future.

Kind regards and best wishes

Kathy Only (No Brookes) Signature

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director


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