Countryside Art Goes 10 Colour!

Here’s our latest addition to our already fantastic print capabilities – a brand-spanking new 10 spot MHM Screen Print Carousel.

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Our new 10 Colour MHM Screen Print Carousel

Amazingly, within a day of having the machine safely installed, we’d won our first 10 colour tea towel job to be printed on the new machine.  It is a prestigious job for a well-known film company and is being sampled as I write this blog.

We are constantly looking for new innovations in all aspects of our print and production processes.  We update to the latest technology at all opportunities.  As far as our competitors are concerned it seems – where we lead – they follow.  We have always prided ourselves in being forward-looking and trying to provide the best possible quality products and service at all times.

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Close up of our new 10 Colour Screen Print Carousel in action

We’ve further exciting plans underway for more new equipment later this year and will update the blog when these items are installed.

In the meantime we’ll carry on with our stated aim of being the best in our field.

Best wishes as always


Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

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